I’m running for County Commissioner to help build the community of our dreams.

As your County Commissioner, I’ll fight to bring more and better jobs to Mecklenburg County.  I’ll fight for a quality of life that is second to none – for a community where children go to great schools, teachers are appreciated and opportunities abound.  On my watch, Mecklenburg will be a community that values healthcare, our natural resources, education, the arts, our unique towns, and our precious elderly.

I’ve always believed in the power of ideas.  Good government starts with common sense, kindness, respect for others, and a renewed spirit of collaboration.  We need a county government in which all voices are heard and where we all have a seat at the table.  I value every voice, even those muted by the daily struggle to survive.

I ask good questions and I listen. I believe in people. I congratulate the successful and I encourage the despondent.  I have been an hourly worker; I have been a President of a small business. I understand the challenges of both.

Mecklenburg County is the engine of our state and we drive that engine. Now is the time for big ideas.  Now is the time for a new optimism about ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and all that we can achieve.  Now is the time to go to work and make this optimism a reality.

Working together, we can build the community of our dreams.

I humbly ask for your vote for County Commissioner.

Pat Cotham